Independent Living Centers: Price and Features
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What are Independent Living Centers
Independent Living Center

Independent Living Centers are for people who are tired of yard chores and home maintenance. Tired of cooking? The Independent Living Center will also provide meals (if you desire). They will optionally provide transportation to entertainment, shopping, doctors visits, etc.

Of course you can keep your car(s), go where you want to, take your vacations, see all your friends. In short you can do everything you did before (except the drudgery of house tending).

If you want new activities you will find a variety of clubs and get-togethers at your new home. There will always be a card game.

Did we mention security? 24 hour security will be provided by the Center.

In some Independent Centers you will rent your apartment, or villa. In others you will buy your new digs. Some Buy-in centers are called Lifeplan Communities or may have other names. In many Buy-in centers your initial investment can be used to pay for additional care as you age.

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Who are Independent Living Centers For?
  • checkmarkTired of taking care of a house?
  • checkmarkTired of taking care of a yard?
  • checkmarkStairs a worry?
  • checkmarkTired of cooking every meal?
  • checkmarkStill Active?
If you answered YES to any of these questions,
It's You!

  • One or more meals a day will be served
  • Provided meal(s) greatly lower your grocery expenses
  • No more home maintenance: things are fixed, light bulbs are changed, etc
  • Rides will be provided: you only have to drive if you want to
  • Your rent includes all utilities, usually including cable TV
  • Regularly scheduled housekeeping will be provided
  • Many organized and informal activities: there will always be a card game
  • Laundry in your own apartment or center provided
  • A variety of apartment sizes
  • 24 Hour Security
  • Many have indoor parking

  • It might cost more than staying in your home
  • Rent probably is not fixed
  • Less room for all our 'stuff'
  • Entertaing Grand kids may be more challenging
  • There will be an extra fee for two people


Rental is just what it sounds like.
  • You Rent your home
  • You Pay Less up front to move in
  • Many Centers offer apartments and Condos

Frequently the Independent Living Facility will also offer Assisted Living and Full Nursing care. If you move to an increased level of care you would have to pay more for these services on a monthly basis.


Most Buy-in facilities work like an annuity.
  • You pay a lump sum up front to join
  • You pay a monthly maintenance fee (which can be quite hefty)
  • Much harder to move out
  • Many offer apartments and Condos

Some Buy-in centers are called Lifeplan Communities or may have other names. Almost always multiple levels of care are available and your buy-in makes you eligible for them. Levels of care available may include: Independent Living, Assisted Living and Full Nursing. The idea is that as you age and need more care you can move to the next level. Sometimes you will have to pay more for the extra care - sometimes it is included in your initial annuity payment.